Bit-3 Full-View80 video card for Atari 800

From: Isaac Davis <>
Date: Tue Jun 10 09:28:31 1997

At 07:23 PM 6/9/97 -0700, Jeff wrote:
>written specifically for the Bit-3 or not? Also, could someone tell me
>the power requirements for an Atari 850 interface, as I also picked up
>one of those but it didn't have the PSU. Thanks.
> Jeff
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I have been using the same power supply for my 850 as my 800. Come to think
of it, just about everything I have hooked to my atari is using the exact
same power supplies, except for the 1027 printer which has a different sized
connector. I will double check the 850 manual when I get home, but I know I
just grabbed a regular old atari 800 power supply and started using it. If
it turns out to be different, I will post the requirements.
Isaac Davis
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