TI-99/4A Comments

From: Bill Whitson <bill_at_booster.bothell.washington.edu>
Date: Tue Jun 10 15:59:49 1997

> There were approximately 1+ million consoles manufactured by Texas
> Instruments from 1981 through early 1984. There were also approximately
> 250,000 Peripheral Expansion Systems also manufactured. So, while it's true
> there were more consoles, PEB's are not hard to find.

True enough - but of the four I've come accross only 1 had a fex cable
still attached to the interface. Ak.

> touch response was better. The big attraction came from the fact that it was
> 16-bit, had full color, sprites (smoothly-moving objects), excellent speech
> synthesis, easy to use cartridges, and expandability. Some of the games were
> amazing (like Parsec and Alpiner) - way ahead of its time. And you can do
> word processing and spreadsheets with it as well.

I'll agree here. While I'll probably never do any serious hacking on the
TI, playing Miner 2049er is what it's all about ;)

> << EVERYONE knows that MY COMMODORE 64 is WAY better than YOUR APPLE! >>

It's hard to have holy wars like the old days when you now own all the
machines you used to make fun of.

> The TI-99/4A was one of the most popular computers ever made back in the
> early 80's. Again, 1 million consoles gives you a hint. And, I'll tell you
> why they're like roaches sitting around -- most people bought them for around
> $50-100 when TI was going out of business (late 1983 into early 1984), played
> a few games on them, and then said, "I'm done!". Instead of throwing them in
> the garbage, they thought they were worth something, and now you see them all
> around in thrift stores. I even went to a local fair around town last year
> and picked one up for $5! But remember, for these people, that's all they
> wanted to do with this computer. But for those that were serious, you could
> do much, much more with it!

I'd say a million machines pretty much explains everything. I must say that
a TI99/4A hooked up with a PEB is overall a pretty neat little machine.
It's really kind of sad - the average 99 I see is really beat up and missing
all it's accessories. I used to pick them up here and there to use for
spares but I think most of them are probably destined for the trash.


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