TI-99/4A Comments

From: Scott Ware <s-ware_at_nwu.edu>
Date: Tue Jun 10 17:21:26 1997

On Tue, 10 Jun 1997, Allison J Parent wrote:

> > I have a question for you folks. I have a basic TI 99/4a.... that's it. N
> > cables, no peripherals, no nothing with it. I am wanting to get this
> Minimally you need the power brick that was 18Vac and 8.5vac, and also the
> video cable that took compossite color to channel 3/4 or the other that
> allowed direct hookup to the TI color monitor.

After the collapse of the market for the TI 99/4a, Radio Shack sold many
of the parts (including the keyboard, the internal switching power supply,
and the RF modulator/switchbox) separately as surplus items. At one point
in time, I replaced the membrane keyboard, overloaded 7805, and abysmal RF
modulator in my ZX81 with surplus TI equivalents. With a heatsink on the
ULA and a wobble-free RAM expansion, the ZX81's uptime was enough to make
the average Win95 user jealous. Not that that's saying much, though.

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