Old, old game machine, etc.

From: Cord Coslor <coslor_at_pscosf.peru.edu>
Date: Wed Jun 11 11:32:30 1997

I am curious as to if anyone remembers an old game console type of thing
that had two games built into ROM. If I remember correctly it was a ping
pong type game and one or two others you could turn on with a flip of a
switch. It had two controllers.... both paddle style. Any information on
this would be appreciated.

Second, does anyone have a Colour Genie computer for sale or trade? I
would prefer here in the U.S. to cut down on shipping charges if possible.
Also looking for cables, software, etc.

Third, does anyone know how much a Tanyo Dragon 64, in the original foam,
box, with all cables, and in imacualte unused condition is worth? I have
one,a dn am looking for disk drives and controllers, as well as software
for it.

And finally, let me know if you need any TRS-80 or CoCo items, or have
ANYTHING for sale. As I like to say, "always buying, selling, and

Thanks a ton,


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