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From: Isaac Davis <idavis_at_comland.com>
Date: Wed Jun 11 11:57:41 1997

At 09:24 AM 6/11/97 -0700, Sam wrote:
>On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, James Willing wrote:
>> Mayhaps, as a parallel to the 'Classic Computer Index", we need to develop
>> a 'Classic Computer Collectors Index' so that we know where others are
>> when things like this pop up so that we could have some local options.
>> Even if a person did not want the particular item, they might be able to
>> pick it up while arrangements were made to get it to someone who did want
>> it.
>> Or am I just dreaming out loud?
>Not at all. This is a terrific idea! I nominate Bill Whitson to
>formulate this list :)
>Computer Historian, Programmer, Musician, Philosopher, Athlete, Writer, Jackass
I agree completely. I would be willing to go pick up stuff headed for the
dump and hold it till someone could make space for it. My house only has
room for a small select few computers, but I could make room in storage
until shipping could be arranged. We ought to make this like a Mr. (or Ms.)
Rescue for classics. When the list is started, put me down for the Austin,
TX area.
Isaac Davis
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