From: Marvin <>
Date: Wed Jun 11 14:19:54 1997

A.R. Duell wrote:

> I collect _some_ printers - the ones I consider interesting, or fine
> examples of engineering. Amongst the ones I have are a couple oF ASR33's
> (great fun to strip down and rebuild, particularly if you don't have the
> service manual...), a few other Teleprinters (Creed 7E, Creed 444, Friden
> Flexowriter), a couple of Sanders (12/7 and 700) - these are very well
> built 7 pin dot matrix printers that use multiple passes of the printhead
> (up to 8 in some fonts) to get letter quality output, a Versatec V80
> (actually an ICL 6203, which has a GPIB interface), which uses an array of
> electrodes to build up a charge image on specially coated paper, and then
> pumps liquid toner over it, etc

Nice collection! For what it is worth, I have the 3 volume set of
Teletype manuals on the ASR 33, and one other (can't remember the
model.) If anyone needs the manual set, I think I know where another
one is.
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