FS: Vector 3032 System Disk

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Wed Jun 11 15:23:43 1997

Well, not really for sale but if anyone needs one of these, let me know
and I'll send it out for the cost of postage (probably a dollar or
two.) I haven't fired up one of the Vector machines so I don't know
what the actual contents are. However this is the description on the

Vector Part No. 6000-008
Serial No. 31-30226 (at least on the one I am looking at now.)

CP/M System for 3032
CP/M Version 2.22 Release 3 Double-sided
Copyright (C) 1980 Digital Research
Copyright (C) 1980 Microsoft
Copyright (C) 1980 Vector Graphic Inc.
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