Free (maybe): Tandy 10 MB Drive Case

From: Greg Mast <>
Date: Thu Jun 12 00:29:19 1997


I put an old 10 MB hard drive case on AuctionWeb last week. Nobody is bidding on
it so if it doesn't sell, it's free. It's just a white case with a fan and power
supply. A really nice guy wrote and offered the drive that goes in it for
shipping only (see bottom of message). Auction ends tomorrow-hurry!

Here's what you do, go to the auction link:

Bid $1. If nobody outbids you, it's yours for shipping only. Just remind me if I
don't recognize your email address. Shipping should be less than $5. You could do
the whole thing for less than $10. Worth it? I dunno.

? By the way, there's an Imagewriter I that's only up to $3+shipping at:

? And a cool like new thermal printer for laptops (circa 1984) at:

? And I have a few C-64's and 1541 drives that are dead. Free + shipping if
  anyone's interested. Oh and a Okimate 10 printer that's laying around too.

*** The guy with the drive that goes in it is:

> Subject: tandy hd case
> Date: Wed, 11 Jun 97 21:03:20 PDT
> From: "Roger LaPointe" <>
> To:
> I've got a 10 meg hd (tandon) that came in one of the cases.
> if you can use it, you can have it for the actual ups costs. ($3 or $4 ???)
> it just sits on the shelf, and I hated to throw it away (along with all the
> Seagate ST-225's)
> thanx Roger
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