Terak 8510a

From: A.R. Duell <ard12_at_eng.cam.ac.uk>
Date: Thu Jun 12 13:19:51 1997

> Oh yes! I finally own a little bit of a PDP. The Department of AI at the
> university here just disposed of some of its old hardware and I ended up
> with a Terak 8510a with extra floppy (8512) and monitor, keyboard (8532).
> Lovely!!!

Oh, you lucky thing!. The Terak is a machine I'm looking out for, and I've
never managed to find one. Whatever you do, look after it.

> PS: Oh, the department has quite a nice collection of old stuff, including a
> PERQ that just seemed to attract a lot of drool. They're keeping it,

Any ideas as to which model? If it's the long-lost PERQ T4, serial number
DEMO01, I'll not be responsible for my actions :-)....

Seriously, if you are looking out for a PERQ, and don't really mind which
model you get (They are _ALL_ fine machines), you are very likely to find
one. An advert on alt.sys.perq will often get results.

> though -- it's going to a real museum (not computer related, though).

Pity. That machine should be kept running, and not just stuck in a
> All in all, I think I must have looked too much like a kiddie in a sweet
> shop.

Or like I did when faced with 10 tables covered in DEC spares and the
comment 'Take whatever you want' !

The gates in my computer are AND,OR and NOT, not Bill
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