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Date: Thu Jun 12 21:40:31 1997 wrote:
> > On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, Marvin wrote:
> >
> > > Along the lines of saving stuff, does anyone collect the old printers?
> A topic I've given a lot of thought. The original MX-80 and the Paper Tiger
> immediately spring to mind as classic printers worthy of incorporating into a
> museum but I can't think of much else I'd have to own (aside from maybe an
> original laserjet). Given the space limitations that most of us have
> collecting printers in the manner that we collect computers is impractical.
> But if you are inclined to collect them they are certainly plentiful and
> cheap.

Actually, I am not inclined to collect them since they take up a LOT of
room and most are fairly heavy. The count of printers here is unknown
but probably a couple of dozen. The ones I do have are either ones that
*I* consider an important part of computer history or that go with a
system, i.e. the Tandy and CBM printers. Some are becoming a bit more
scarce, and if someone is collecting printers and is looking for
specific printers, they can let us know and we can keep our eyes open.
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