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Date: Thu Jun 12 22:28:48 1997

Y' know, I seems to me that some of these 'sparky' dot matrix
printers used aluminized "thermal" paper. I used to have a stack of
old machine runs on such paper, and I remember certain cheesy
cash-registers using the same kind of paper tape (about 1981 or so .
. .).


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> Here's one for the printer books. I had a printer for my atari 800 that we
> order out of the DAK catalog. It used a little cartridge shaped like a
> bullet with a contact on the end. The printer would fire a spark and
> actually burn the dots onto the paper to make the characters. It was
> relatively slow, but considering it had to make about 9 passes to form a row
> of characters it did pretty well. I can still remember the burning smell
> everytime you would print something out. It was really a neat little
> printer, and I can't for the life of me figure out why we got rid of it. I
> still have the driver disk for it, but the actual name of the thing escapes
> me right now. Wait a minute, it was an Olivetti, but I can't remember the
> model. The coolest part was turning the lights off when it was printing and
> watching the sparks fly across the paper as it printed. That's a printer I
> would like to have again.
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