Apple /// stuff (was: Re: This weekend's haul)

From: Doug Spence <>
Date: Fri Jun 13 05:47:21 1997

On Mon, 9 Jun 1997, Sam Ismail wrote:

> > The ///'s monitor isn't identical to the ]['s monitor. That's why I was
> > asking.
> Yeah, you're right. I found this out after finally booting my /// up for
> the first time. No wonder the /// flopped. They changed a good thing.
> They fixed what wasn't broken. Lame-o's.

I felt the same way when the folks at Commodore removed the "debug" menu
from Workbench. :)

Yeah, the Apple ][ monitor is a very cool and useful thing, and that kind
of functionality is something I miss from most other computers.

Of course I grew up using a ][. Had I used an Atari 800 instead, I'd
probably find most other systems inadequate in some different way. :)

> > Do you know what kind of battery it's supposed to take? (And why they put
> > it in such an inaccessible place on the motherboard?)
> I haven't torn my /// apart yet. If I find out before you do, I'll let
> you in on the secret.

I had mine apart again tonight, mainly to look at the power supply.

At some point during my numerous flips of the machine upside-down, a paper
clip fell out from somewhere. I really hope it was from the keyboard.

All I can report is that the PS makes no noise when there's no load on it,
apart from the usual high-pitched squealing that many electronic devices

I didn't look at the place where the battery goes to see if there were any
clues. I haven't fully removed the motherboard because I have to
disconnect a few cables, and I was mainly inside to pull the power supply

I noticed that the cable that leads to the external floppy port has been
badly crushed between the cast iron frame and the metal sheet that holds
the motherboard, though. I'll have to remove it to see if any of the
wires have been broken. :/

> > > > Can the /// emulate a ][?
> > >
> > > Yes it can, but you need the emulation system disk.
> >
> > Cool! Not that I need another ][, I just think it's good that they
> > allowed this kind of functionality. Though I suppose, in a way, they felt
> > they had to.
> Let me know if you need the system disks. I can send you some.

I do need the system disks. I didn't get them with the machine. I wish
there was some way to transfer them electronically, though... which is why
I asked if there was a way of getting an Apple ][ to access a ///'s disks.
I suppose the ///'s drive is double-sided, though.

Send the disks to:

Doug Spence
85 Devon Road
Baie d'Urfe, Que.

(I guess I don't have my config set up right - PINE won't accept my
accented characters.)

Thanks, and let me know if there's anything I can do in return.

> Sam
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Doug Spence
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