TI-99/4A Comments

From: Scott Walde <scott_at_walde.cprompt.sk.ca>
Date: Fri Jun 13 09:45:48 1997

> Um... No. Sorry. Close though.
> The other two signals are the quadrature components of chrominance.
> They are derived from Y by subtracting red and blue, and are normally
> called U and V (in some order).
Aha! YUV is something I recognize now. I believe this is what broadcast
professionals call component video. (Let's see if I'll be right one out of

> The signals are transmitted this way in broadcast TV to ensure
> compatibility between colour and BW tellies. They are also the signals
> that would normally be sent to a TV (UHF or VHF) modulator from the
> computer, hence their presence on the video connector.

Hmmm... any modulator I've ever worked on had a composite input. Is this
maybe more common in European systems?

> Hope this helps! I could be more specific if I had some of my reference
> books from home...

Specific enough for me. Thanks.
> Philip.

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