Stuff I looked at today

From: Josh M. Nutzman <>
Date: Sat Jun 14 17:43:27 1997

I had a good weekend. This is what I got:

2 UNOPENED boxes of QuickFile II for Apple II
1 Pinpoint Software for Apple II
1 Set of manuals for IBM PC AT
2 Sets of manuals for WordPerfect (In box like PC AT manuals)
1 TI 59 Calculator with printer
1 Apple IIE computer
1 Microsoft Softcard
1 Super Serial II card
4 Disk II drives
2 Diks II interfaces
1 Numeric pad for IIe
1 Apple II Parallel card (By apple)
1 Amiga Monitor, the nice RGB/Composite monitor, Mono
1 Kodac Diconix 150+ printer for Mac

All for $50. It was at our local Science center, so I decided to be
generous with my offers. They keep all procedes. Any offers for
trades/for sale welcome. Any pointers to info on the softcard?

               Josh M. Nutzman
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| but in the end you usually end up dammed." |
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