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From: Ward Griffiths and/or Lisa Rogers <>
Date: Sat Jun 14 20:19:20 1997

On Sat, 14 Jun 1997, Allison J Parent wrote:

> > I bought a TI-99/4A for $2, in its original box. As far as I can tell,
> > it's a complete system, but there's no software. All of you have one
> > of these machines, right? :)
> If I remember it didn't come with software other than the embedded basic.

That's all I recall. For a suitable bribe, I could open Lisa's number
three TI-99/4A that's still shrink-wrapped and check. She won't notice
until she gets home Monday (and I'll be in the hospital Tuesday).
Ward Griffiths
"America is at that awkward stage.  It's too late to work within 
the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." --Claire Wolfe
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