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From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Sun Jun 15 23:33:45 1997

This weekend was interesting for me also. I went up to the Santa Maria
Amateur Radio Swapfest and found a few things. After I got back, I read
a message where someone was looking for a VIC 20 modem, and of course I
saw one in the box up there. I thought about picking it up, but decided
against it since I think I already have one <sigh>. I did run into some
other interesting stuff (although nothing like Sams good fortune!!!) I
picked up another TRS-80 Model 4 desktop unit with some docs, an Apple
II Plus with 2 disk drives (no docs), and a Coco 2 (no docs or cables.)
I really was hoping someone else would buy them and put them to good
use, but since they were still available after everything was over ...
Oh well, I still haven't put anything in the bathrooms yet :).

I did run into a couple of interesting boards. The first is labeled
"Digital Technology, Engineering Extension, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison"
and looks to be part of a digital trainer. It has 4 chips in sockets (
three 7400's and one 7405), six Red LED's, six SPDT switches, a pot, and
a place where some sort of TO220 style transistor, voltage regulator or
whatever goes, and a number of terminating resistors. It seems to have
places where interconnect wire can be plugged in for interconnecting the
LEDs, Switchs, and the 7400's (which are each arranged as two R-S flip
flops.) The date on the approx. 5" x 7" circuit board is 2/76. If
anyone has any further information on this board, I would be most

The second board is a plug-in Metric Systems Corp. MC00110 Logic
Inverter board. What makes it interesting is that the circuits are all
made of discrete components and the entire board seems to have the
traces gold plated.

If anyone needs the computers I picked up, let me know as those types
are already in the collection. The possibility that someone else needs
them is the real reason I picked them up.
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