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RE Printers...

  Gorilla Banana, Tandy DMP 100, Commodore 1525, etc. It was a standard
printer mechanism by some manufacturer (I suspect Shikosha (sp)) All
were 7 pin characters. I remember some early Commodore Printers (before
the 1525) were Epson units (one based in the MX70?)

  I also remember, for the PETs, our school had a SWTP dot matrix
printer. Pretty nifty little bugger, no fancy coverings, you got to see
all the gears (printed on 4" wide roll paper as I recall) liked like an
early ticker machine or something like that. They also had a Commodore
4023 and a Diablo 630 (heavy as heck and made quite a racket too).

  I have owned a couple curiosities such as the Commodore 1520 printer
plotter (another model type that bore through many company brands) four
little tiny pens. Made neat sounds when it was drawing text and lines.
:) I still have my Citizen iDP560cd printer, prints on wide register
tape (2.?? inches) in two colors (Black/Red) has a Commodore interface
and all that. (nowadays you usually see that model printer -w/parallel
interface- hooked up to merchant ATM units). Other now gone units
MPS-801 and Star NP-10.

  Other (classic) printers I now have are a Riteman F+ (precursor to the
ProWriter Jr.) it has a very short ribbon (something like 20") but a
unique feed system (able to print on index cards and use the first line
of a page...). Everything else is somewhat modern late model dot-matrix
and ink jets. Oh, and a Commodore 8023 wide-carriage dot matrix for my

RE: Sam Ismail <>
Subject: Beat this haul...

>Ok, the weekend's not even over, and here's how I did:
>Commodore 64, Commodore 64C (two of 'em, one seems to be this weird clone
>since the plastic looks different from the other one and it has no

It's probably an older 64 in that slimline case that was selling a few
years back to make an older 64 more resemble a 64C. I recall the ads in
Compute's Gazzette and RUN.

*** light applause *** that certainly was a haul as well as a good
little adventure! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

I know of a Salvation Army in Oakdale that has a small basket full of TI
carts including some nice AtariSoft titles... ;) Next time when I get
there (and if they are there and are cheap enough) I'll pick some up.


Now for my haul (which was today, Sunday).
At the Flea Market:
  2 Atari Power Packs (15.3va and 31 va) $3.00
    now all I need is some Atari DOS and utility disks (HINT! HINT!)
  1 Commodore 64C power supply $1.00
  a couple printer switchboxes $1.00 ea.
  Toshiba external SCSI CD-ROM drive (seems to be partially working)
  14.4 Modem $2.00
  External Amiga Drive $1.00
At the Thrift Store:
  Commodore SuperPET (Gosh was I lucky) $20.00 (w/Wordpro plus quick
referencebooklet, PET to IEEE-488 cable, power cord and "the Manager"
dongle still attached)
  Commodore 4040 Dual Drive $5.00
  3 IEEE-488 cables $2.00 each

The SuperPET isn't responding, but still worth it, (I cracked it open to
see the guts, there are two daughterboards connected to the motherboard
the topmost seems to be the RAM (which makes the computer 96k), and I
assume below that is the 6809 co-processor and RS-232 driver. Now I
have to hunt down more information... :) Four toggle switches peek out
on the side which allow for the storing of the language you wish to use,
(setting it to ROM mode did not seem to change the situation) Have yet
to test the 4040, I hope it is functional.

So far everything from the Flea Market seems to work (I have yet to test
the 64 supply though). Nice day, though I think my checkbook is feeling
a little thin...

          Larry Anderson
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