Weekend Acquisitions III

From: Paul E Coad <pcoad_at_crl.com>
Date: Mon Jun 16 04:26:30 1997

This is a little long and likely boring. You have been warned!

I had a reasonably good weekend as well. Not as good as some, but
I am pretty happy with the results. Here is how it went:

Friday morning
I visit one of the local thrifts and pick up some old books:
Bound Unix manuals from Bell Labs.
First edition K&R
Early 80's Intel product catalog.
Xenix text processing book.
I saw a VIC-20 with tape drive, tapes, and a bunch of cartridges.
Unfortunately I had only $3 in my pocket. (Don't try this at home kids,
I am a trained professional.) I left with only the books.

Friday afternoon
I plan to leave work at 3:30, but don't get out until 6:30. Go to
bank. Get money. Go back to thrift. The VIC was still there.
Bought the box of stuff for $5. This included VIC-20 (still untested),
CN2 (my 3rd!), 3K, 8K, and 16K memory carts, super expander cart (with
manual), Forth Cart with box and manual, programmer's aid cart, machine
language monitor cart, 7 cart games, and a few cassette games.

Saturday morning
Went to the electronics/computer/junk sale. Too much PC and Mac
stuff, and not enough junk. Met Sam Ismail. Looked around at
everything. Sam left for greener pastures. Bought two Sun keyboards
(type 3 and type 4). (One day I'll have a full working Sun if I have
to buy it one chip at a time.) At this point I had seen all there was
to be seen, and I still had an hour to kill so I went off to visit a
few other places and picked up another K&R, a C Programmer's Handbook
(AT&T Bell Labs, can you tell I have a thing for them and C/Unix?),
and a few loose Atari 400/800 carts (BASIC, logo, chess, and something
else) for $1.

Saturday noon
Went back to the sale and met up with Uncle Roger and his girlfriend.
We had an excellent lunch. Swapped a few stories. Went home and
explained to my wife why I NEED 2 more Sun keyboards.

Saturday afternoon
Picked up 7 boxes of old software. This was from the same guy that
gave George Lin that load of hardware a few weeks back. I haven't had
time to go through all of it in detail, but there are several early
Microsoft packages (including windows v2 and possibly v1), PC-DOS 1.1,
DBase III, WordStar, PC and PC jr. technical manuals, 7 or 8 Borland
packages, and a load of other stuff. Several things are still in
shrink wrap. Most of this stuff will be taking up room that I would
rather devote to more interesting (to me) stuff. Once I have a complete
list I will be offering most for sale or trade. Anyone collect PC jr.

On the way home I visited bubble wrap mecca. Greg Mast tipped me off
on this place. Thanks Greg! I filled up the rest of my car with bubble
wrap and headed home.

Add to this 2 graduation parties and making up to my wife for being
gone most of Saturday, and this was a pretty busy weekend.

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