Weekend Acquisitions III

From: Jeff Hellige <jeffh_at_unix.aardvarkol.com>
Date: Mon Jun 16 23:00:51 1997

Paul E Coad wrote:

> nice machine, given its limitations. I forgot to mention that the box
> also had two "motherboards". These plug into the cartridge slot and
> have 3 cartridge connectors which allow multiple carts to be plugged in
> at the same time. Pretty cool stuff.

        It sounds like you're referring to the Cardco 'Cardboard/3s' expansion
interface. Does it have a reset button and a bank of seven switches on
it? I have one, in the box with the manual. It also has CB/3S along
the outermost edge on the bottom side of the circuit card. Nifty little
gadget, as it would even allow me to use the 'Programmers Aid Cartridge'
with the 16k memory expansion.

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