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> Pong is not the first video game. Nolan Bushnell, who later founded
> Atari, did Pong. Several years before Pong, Nolan created a more
> sophisticated game called Computer Space, built by Nutting and
> Associates.
> Computer Space was the first arcade video game.
> Atari home Pong was the first home video game.
> Magnavox Odyssey1 was the first home video game system.
> Trust me, I own all of them.
> Kai
I just pulled out the Pong and manual. I suppose I don't have the
original pong anyway.
Super Pong, Model No. C-140 (1976). It has four different pong games
(labelled differently in the manual and on the box).

So when did the original Pong make its appearance.

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