Apple Lisa parts -- Get 'em while you can...

From: James Willing <>
Date: Tue Jun 17 15:01:54 1997

Ok, here's a twist. A 'rescue' of computer parts rather than whole
machines? Anyone else think this might be worthwhile?


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Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 04:13:37 GMT
From: Tom Stepleton <>
Newsgroups: comp.society.folklore
Subject: Apple Lisa parts -- Get 'em while you can...

I realize that this may not be of general interest. I apologize in
advance to those I might bore or annoy...

This is probably nothing to be excited about, but...

A friend has recently informed me that Sam Neulinger of New York's
DAFAX is sending some Apple Lisa parts in rather poor condition to
the recycler by afternoon (EST) tomorrow. AFAIK, they comprise mostly
of items like video boards, power supplies, and some Macintosh XL
hard disks, all in various states of disrepair but still good for
salvage or fixing-up. There are probably various other tarnished
gems as well.

If anyone would like to have these parts, I am sure that Mr. Neulinger
would just as soon sell them to a hobbyist as to a scrap dealer. Keep
in mind that it is probably not in his interest to sell these items
piecemeal -- any buyer would have to purchase these items bulk. Also
keep in mind that a buyer would not have to buy EVERYTHING.

So, it's up to anyone who is interested and has the cash. I have
neither the money nor the space to house these items. Whatever;
either they end up under a soldering iron or in a recycling bin.

DAFAX will still sell working Lisa parts, but will not maintain power
supplies any longer as it is not profitable for them.

DAFAX's number is (718)746-8220.

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