Weekend Acquisitions III

From: Jeff Hellige <jeffh_at_unix.aardvarkol.com>
Date: Tue Jun 17 03:27:57 1997

On 17-Jun-97, Paul E Coad wrote:

>That the one with the switches should allow selection of which cartridge
>to use, but it is not clear to me how the Cardboard/3 is supposed to work.
>There must be some real voodoo needed to get some sets of carts to work
>Do you have any information about the Cardboard/3?

   The manual devotes 6 pages to the different configurations of these 7 dip
switches. The switches basically set which memory block the cartridges will
reside in on boot-up. Each of these blocks is 8k in size. According to the
diagram, it goes as follows:

#1: slot 1, block 5
#2: slot 1, block 3
#3: slot 2, block 5
#4: slot 2, block 3
#5: slot 3, block 5
#6: slot 3, block 3
#7: controls whether the VIC can access block 1 or not

   Auto-boot cartridges reside in block 5, so the switch for the slot that
cartridge resides in should be turned on for block 5.

   This is REAL simplified from the description in the manual, but I hope it

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