Aim 65

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Tue Jun 17 18:50:00 1997

Sam Ismail <> writes:
> 1. What is an Aim65?

It's a singleboard 6502 system/eval kit from Rockwell, sort of like
the MOS/CBM KIM-1, only different. 6502, some RAM, some ROM
(sockets?), 20-char LED display, QWERTY keyboard, cash-register
printer, a couple of bus connectors off the left side of the board.
Actually, I'm not sure if the display, keyboard, and printer were
there on all of them but I remember them being sold with those in the
late 1970s/early 1980s.

> 2. What is a good price to offer to buy/sell one?

A few years ago I paid $5 for one at Foothill. It had apparently been
OEMd into a nutrition advising system of some sort, as that is what
seemed to be in the ROMs and it came in a cheap plastic case that
pretty much hid the guts (just sturdy enough to be a frame for the
AIM-65 and the power supply). No documentation, either for the AIM-65
itself or for the nutrition software.

I don't recall for sure, but would expect that an AIM-65 from Rockwell
would have come with something other than the nutrition software in
the ROM sockets. Somewhere I do have an AIM-65 manual but it is (like
most of my collection at present) in storage.

-Frank McConnell
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