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>On this site was mention of the STacy laptop, an Atari ST laptop
>(presumably). Anyone have or know anything about these? Sounds
>interesting, and I vaguely remember hearing about it years ago.
The STacy is, I guess, a laptop, but it's one of those where you need a good
sized lap. Still, a nice, compact machine, with built-in midi -- hence it's
popularity with touring musicians. I think it was the Arsenio Hall show
where the band leader had a STacy prominently displayed on stage (and

If you're thinking of a true laptop, it's probably the ST Book, a notebook
like computer that was ST compatible. Never came out, though, AFAIK. I've
got a "Midi Magazine" (or something like that) that featured the ST Book on
the cover. Shame that it didn't make it out (would've even been better as a
Falcon-book) because it would have been one hell of a musician's tool.

(My ST's and Falcons are *not* in my collection because they're still (in
theory -- oh, if only I didn't have to work for a living) in use in my studio.)

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