Digital Controls Inc. Training Cartridges?

From: Marvin <>
Date: Tue Jun 17 22:28:16 1997

James Carter wrote:
> What are the dimensions of the cartridges and how many pins? Do the labels
> looks commercially viable, or could they be test/demo/proto labels?

I took a look at both the PC Jr. and the TI94 and the cartridges are not
the same. This cartridge is just a bit narrower than the IBM PC Jr.
cartridge but there are only 12 double sided gold fingers on the
cartridge PC Board. The board itself has "Digital Controls Inc,
copyright 1983" on it along with three 74LS244 chips and an EPROM.
Without peeling the label off, I don't know what the chip number of the
EPROM is and the only thing I can see is that it is an NEC chip. The
EPROM label on this board says "Digital Controls, Inc., Lotus, version
2.0, (C) 1984".
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