PCjr questions and TI 99/4A tidbit

From: Captain Napalm <spc_at_armigeron.com>
Date: Wed Jun 18 09:35:51 1997

It was thus said that the Great jpero_at_mail.cgo.wave.ca once stated:
> Is the orignal transformer brick underpowered if I put extra add ons?
  Yes. I have a PCjr with a parallel extension and several memory
extensions (two I think - it's at home, I'm at work) and I have a secondary
power supply (that hooks up the same as all extentions, off the side).

> Is that true that there is a lots of add ons for this PCjr? I would
> like to seperate the video to a proper video such as VGA card so it
> would not hog up the main memory and boost it to 640k. Finally is
> there a add on that allows me to plug a DMA chip in to speed up the
> floppy? It is nice compact computer! What I planning is to make this
> PCjr more of an real XT with SLOTS than a just a cheap
> vanilla-favored PCjr. Where's is good source to find these parts?

  You might want to try a web search on PCjr. I've heard of companies that
supply parts, although for DMA, you'll have to have drivers since the BIOS
does not support DMA driven I/O.

  -spc (Surprised at the music capabilities of the PCjr)
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