Mark 8

From: Marvin <>
Date: Wed Jun 18 11:11:29 1997

I need another project :) and I was thinking about building the Mark 8
computer. Somewhere, I seem to recall that someone was having the board
sets for this computer made up, does anyone out there know or remember
who might be doing this? This was the computer that appeared on the
cover of Radio-Electronics sometime (as I recall) in 1974 and predates
the Altair. I am starting to actively look for the Intel 8008
microprocessor but so far no luck. But that's okay, I still have a LOT
more friends and people I know to bug about it :).

As I recall, it had about 6 boards in the board set and a bunch of TTL
chips, but I don't recall if the boards were single or double sided. If
anyone has the artwork, either on film or as a template, I would be
interested although I *think* the PCB layouts were included in the
Magazine (haven't pulled it out yet to check.) To convert the artwork
in the magazine to decent PCB artwork would cost roughly $17 per board
for the negative and perhaps another $10 or so to get another copy
(after cleaning up the imperfections in the first negative.) Not sure
what the cost per finished board would be but single sided would most
likely be between $15 - $20, and double sided about 20% or so more.
Anyone else interested in this project? Since I am not in a rush, I
suspect we are talking several months to get the boards and artwork
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