From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Jun 18 11:42:23 1997

On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Frank Peseckis wrote:

> >Ok, here's the deal. Marvin & I are both in contact with a guy who says
> >he has 14 AIM65 units.
> Count me in. I have also emailed him directly to express interest
> without mentioning price, and am waiting to hear back.
> How do you see this group purchase working? Sam, are you negotiating
> the price with him? And then we individually send him our payments?
> And he's willing to put together a dozen plus shipping packages to a
> dozen plus places?

I think he was planning to do that anyway. I figure after we get a count
of who is all interested, we can all approach him and say we want it at
$xx price. Or we can have one person approach him, tell him there are Y
people wanting it at X price, if you agree, each person will send you his
individual mailing address. I think he would be interested since he is
most likely to dump all these in one fell swoop, in one easy deal.

Everyone, hurry and respond so we can stick a fork in this. 3 people
besides myself and Marvin have already expressed interest. That means
there are about 9 left.

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