Apple ][e software?

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Jun 18 20:50:47 1997

On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Cord Coslor wrote:

> Greetings:
> I just picked up an Apple ][e, monitor, disk drives, the whole works...
> even a mouse! But, I am wondering if someone out there might be able to
> sell me a copy of the Disk Operating System disks and maybe one or two
> (more?...) game disks?
> Please get in touch with me at the below address, e-mail, or phoen number,
> if you might have something like that which I could use to get the system
> going.

Cord, forget about the system disks. You don't actually need them. The
Apple was the kind of computer where you could use it with or without
disks, although having software made it more useful. Each disk for the
apple is self-contained and has whatever DOS it needs to run it. Your
main concern right now is to get software for it, whatever that may be -
games, utilities, productivity, etc. Find the apple users group near you
(if there is one) or go to where you will find a ton of
information on how and where to obtain apple software. Its not hard to
find, there were literally tens of thousands of titles published for the
Apple ][. If you've never had an Apple before, you want to go out and
start collecting ssome of the games released for it, as there are some
fun titles. But as far as system disks, if you want to round out your
collection, then I guess you would want an original copy just to say you
have them, but every Apple I ever got was second-hand, and I already had
software from the previous apple I was upgrading from, and having the
original system disks was a moot point, as there were so many other more
useful disks to have.

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