Good Emulators & floppies (was: C64 CP/M carts (was:...))

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Jun 19 09:29:50 1997

Due to massive amounts of caffeine & sleep deprivation, Doug Spence said:

>Please stop assuming I've joined the Evil Empire. My only PC compatibles
>are my A1060 Sidecar on my Amiga 1000, which no longer has a 5.25" floppy
>drive as I put a hard drive in its bay, and a Tandy 1000EX, which has no
>way of communicating with anything else that I own because ALL it has is
>a 360K floppy drive.

"Evil Empire?" == Use the Farce, Duke! == First, if you have an Atari ST,
(and I think TOS 1.4 or above... getting my ST next weekend! Wheeeee! ;-)
it can read/write/format PC floppies.

Second, if the EX's drive controller can handle double-sided drives,
replace the SSDD drive with a DSDD one and get 720K storage, and the
capability to read other 720K floppies...

BTW, you mentioned in the original post that you own a 1541 C= drive...
would you like to hook that up to the EX? There's a way to run that drive
thru the serial port, takes a 1 or 2 chip converter board, and I've seen
the dox on this... but I'm not a Commie fan (sorry... had to say that ;^)
but ISTR that the circuit is very similar to the one used to hook up the
Atari 8-bit series drives (810 / 1050 / Indus, etc.) to an IBM as well.

>Emulators can be fun, but I've never met an emulator that was as good as
>the real thing. Excepting Macintosh emulators, of course. :)

Well, given your disliking of PC-Clones, you obviously have not heard about
Jeff Vavasour's emulators that run on the Intel platform.

He's got emulators for the Tandy Model 1, 3 and 4, and the Tandy Color
Computer 2 and 3. I ran the CoCo 2 emulator (freeware) and liked it so
much, that I bought ($25-shareware) the CoCo 3 emulator... and ***Love***
it! I have full info on this program for any CoCoNuts out there, and
remember: Just 'cause you ain't seen it, don't mean it ain't there! I've
got the fastest CoCo in the area! (Running the emu on a P150+... Whoohoo!!!

Anyway, gotta go, and have fun emulating!

Roger "Merch" Merchberger
Roger Merchberger       | If at first you don't succeed,
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