C64 CP/M carts (was: Re: Yet another weekend haul story)

From: Ward Griffiths and/or Lisa Rogers <gram_at_cnct.com>
Date: Thu Jun 19 10:29:21 1997

On Thu, 19 Jun 1997, Doug Spence wrote:

> Please stop assuming I've joined the Evil Empire. My only PC compatibles
> are my A1060 Sidecar on my Amiga 1000, which no longer has a 5.25" floppy
> drive as I put a hard drive in its bay, and a Tandy 1000EX, which has no
> way of communicating with anything else that I own because ALL it has is
> a 360K floppy drive.

Whaddaya mean the 1000EX can't communicate. It's got a serial port.
Where's your null-modem? The single most important tool in the _world_
for anybody with incompatible systems. Even when I was a child of thirty
with a Color Computer, a TRS-80 4P, a TRS-80 Mod 16, a Tandy 2000 and an
AT&T 3B1, my null-modems were the only to move stuff. (It was also the
best way to use the Tandy 2000 for its two purposes: terminal to the
Xenix and Unix boxes -- great keyboard -- and as a 512k serial/parallel
converter and print buffer between the other machines and my sole MX-80

> > Emulator BBS
> > 01284 760851
> > Keeping 8-Bit ALIVE
> Emulators can be fun, but I've never met an emulator that was as good as
> the real thing. Excepting Macintosh emulators, of course. :)

There's something fun about running a TRS-80 (or other 8-bit) emulator
under a PC emulator on a Unix box. Levels of abstraction...
Ward Griffiths
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