Victor 9000

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Thu Jun 19 13:29:38 1997

At 07:38 AM 6/19/97 -0400, you wrote:
>> standard (IIRC). Was the first computer to use variable speed disk drives

Okay, I dug up where I got that idea from (ACM/Computer Museum Computer
Bowl, 1994, Round 3, Toss up question #6):

"6. The Victor 9000 computer featured an innovative design in its disk
drives. What was unique about the disk drives?"

and the answer was:

"6. Variable speed"

So in between reading that, and now, "innovative" transmogrified into "first
of its kind". Sorry about that!

>That's how it gets 21 sectors on tracks 1 to 17, 20 sectors on tracks 18
>to 24, 18 sectors on tracks 24 to 30, and 17 sectors on tracks 31 to 35.

I thought the idea of variable speed drives was to have the same
number/sized sectors on each track? Perhaps I goofed there too...

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