C64 CP/M carts (was: Re: Yet another weekend haul story)

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <dseagrav_at_bsdserver.tek-star.net>
Date: Thu Jun 19 13:40:46 1997

On Thu, 19 Jun 1997, Uncle Roger wrote:
> At 05:10 PM 6/19/97 BST, you wrote:
> >I really don't see the interest in emulators if the real hardware still
> >exists. I'd much rather have the real thing, and have all the fun of
> >maintaining it, than have a piece of software (probably without source)
> >running on a PC that I can't get spare chips for. Perhaps it's because I'm
> >a hardware hacker, but emulators seem to lack so much compared to the
> >phyusical machine.
> Perhaps it's because you have a bigger apartment? I know a lot of folks
> running ST emulators on PC's because they wanted both, but didn't have the
> room...
> "lack so much compared to the physical machine..." yeah, 2nd ps, 2nd
> keyboard, 2nd monitor... 8^)

I like my real PDP better than the emulated one. The real one has one
feature that E11, and Supnik 2.2, and all the rest can NEVER have that
annoys my family to no end - THE EAR-SPLITTING NOISE! :) It drives them
Nuts, and I can't get enough of it! There's nothing like powering up the
11/23 and hearing that "Bwaaaaa!" as it all spins up - then it becomes a
gentle roar (I don't have a rack or case of it, so it sits out on a
table). Everyone leaves, and I'm free to hack alone. Not to mention the
emotional satisfaction that you own a piece of history - No matter how big
or inefficient the piece! Which was the primary reason I went out of my
way to get one. And the reason I kept my CoCo, and my C64.
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