Apple ][e software?

From: Andy Brobston <>
Date: Thu Jun 19 14:20:36 1997

>> I'm wondering if there's a way to hack code to get it to copy without
>> any System Master programs.
>Oh, sure. Just take a look at the description of the RWTS
>(Read - write - track/sector) routines
>in the Apple _DOS 3.3 Manual_. (You know, the one with the Disk ][
>and controller schematics.) You could probably come up with a
>basic sector duplicator using a dozen lines of BASIC, sprinkled
>liberally with PEEKs, POKEs, and CALLs.

I could do it if I was at home, but I don't have all the manuals at
college with me. So, I'm attempting to rely on memory (I'm pretty sure
I've done something like this with RWTS before). I know a lot of
times, instead of using the boring INIT command to format a new disk,
I would use the RWTS version just for kicks.

Too bad you really can't have as much fun with new computers. :)
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