Digilog 1500

From: Frank McConnell <fmc_at_reanimators.org>
Date: Thu Jun 19 15:02:12 1997

Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org> writes:
> It seems every time I turn around, I find something else I either
> haven't seen in a while, or don't know anything about it. In this case,
> I picked up a brand new Digilog 1500 some number of years ago. It is
> not on the "Big List" so does anyone know anything about this? I seem

I wonder if this is the same Digilog that made the Digilog 600 that is
sitting in my office at work. It is not a general-purpose computer,
but instead a serial line analyzer: one of those things that you plug
in between two uncooperative serial communications devices to divine
the nature of their uncooperativeness. It's also got a breakout box
built in, and you can tell it's portable because it's got a handle
(think Osborne 1 for some idea of its arm-lengthening properties,
though). And a 3.5" stiffy drive for saving and replaying traces.

I last used it in 1995, and have moved it along with me to different
offices because no-one else wants it. It works well enough for what
it is, but it doesn't understand IP, SLIP or PPP-in-HDLC at all. That
is the sort of stuff we need to look at these days and we have better
tools for doing that.

-Frank McConnell
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