Altairs (was RE: Collector Article)

From: Kai Kaltenbach <>
Date: Thu Jun 19 15:39:59 1997

I'm kind of curious how many Altairs we have on this list. I've got
3... I know that Jim has at least 2. Who else?

        | From: Marvin
        | Someone that
        | contacted me recently said that they had sold their Altair for


        | Another story I heard (true?, I don't know) was that someone
        | their Altair on the net for $4000. This person was flamed for
asking so
        | much, and his only comeback was that it had already sold.

If this happened, it had to have been before 3/95, since there is no
reference to it in DejaNews.

        | There was a
        | reference in TCJ by one of the editors(?) that they wouldn't
        | surprised by the price reaching $10,000.

I agree, though it's going to take a few years. People tend to acquire
items that they wanted when they were in high school or college. Those
people are now in their early forties, and that syndrome doesn't really
get going full steam until 50-60 (my father, with 7 Corvettes, is a
perfect example). I'd put the Altairs at $10K+ in 10 years. They sky's
the limit in 20 years, maybe $100K (all in today's money of course).

One reason for the expected price skyrocket is the number of people like
me (and several others on this list) who acquire them and will never
sell them, thus depleting the market.

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