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From: Marvin <>
Date: Thu Jun 19 16:13:07 1997

Tim Shoppa wrote:
> > I'm not sure but I suspect $1500 would be a VERY good buy. Someone that
> > contacted me recently said that they had sold their Altair for $3000.
> > Another story I heard (true?, I don't know) was that someone advertised
> Herb Johnson and I have been asking around comp.os.cpm (where any real
> Altair user would hang out) and we've come to the conclusion that
> these multi-thousand-dollar sale prices are entirely artificial and made up.

Those prices may be artificial, I have no way of knowing since I am not
selling mine. As far as an Altair owner hanging out on comp.os.cpm,
that may be. However, I do know that I made a few posts there about
older computers, collecting, etc. and got zero response. The group here
seems pretty knowledgeable about a lot of areas and thus I prefer this
group. I read the comp.os.cpm a couple of times a week since there is
some good info there, just mostly not about the hardware side of things
which is where my interest lies.
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