C64 CP/M carts (was: Re: Yet another weekend haul story)

From: Jeff Hellige <jeffh_at_unix.aardvarkol.com>
Date: Thu Jun 19 09:16:04 1997

On 19-Jun-97, A.R. Duell wrote:

>IIRC, that expansion bus was pin-pin compatible with a stadard 8-bit ISA
>connector. It should be possible to kludge up an adapter cable (keep it as
>short as possible) to use a normal PC serial card in the EX.

   Actually, it should be, as I recall a couple companies doing just that so
that they could mount small hard disk controllers in the EX/HX expansion area,
though the problem then is getting the card to fit. There was even one
vendor, called Howard Medical, I believe, that managed to squeeze a hard disk
into the 2nd floppy bay.

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