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From: Marvin <>
Date: Thu Jun 19 21:04:20 1997

Tim Shoppa wrote:
> > selling mine. As far as an Altair owner hanging out on comp.os.cpm,
> > that may be. However, I do know that I made a few posts there about
> > older computers, collecting, etc. and got zero response.
> What questions did you ask? From what e-mail address did you
> post from?
> Usenet isn't perfect, but there's a lot of information and help
> available there just for the asking. And comp.os.cpm is one
> of the better newsgroups around for decent technical discussions.

I don't remember, but one question related to whether or not that was
the proper group for hardware discussions. BTW, I know it is a good
newsgroup, it is just that almost everything I saw (and still see)
relates to software with relatively little discussion on the hardware
per se.
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