Apple /// stuff (was: Re: This weekend's haul)

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Thu Jun 19 21:31:41 1997

On Thu, 19 Jun 1997, Doug Spence wrote:

> > My internal floppy seems to be hosed. I can't boot any disks off of it.
> > Some bgin to boot but then go to error, others invoke this horrendous
> > recalibration that never ends. I assume the drive head is dirty and the
> > speed needs calibrating. I wonder if I can calibrate this drive like one
> > can the Disk ][?
> Bummer. Is it not possible to use a Disk ]['s drive mechanism with the
> ///? Internally or externally? Obviously trying to do so internally
> would bring form factor problems, but I'm wondering if it could be done
> anyway.

I would guess that the controller is compatible with Disk ][ drives,
although it would not surprised me if Apple purposely changed the pinouts
or used a different connector to thwart anyone attempting to use a ][
drive with the ///.

> Thankfully my internal drive works, but I wouldn't mind hooking up a
> second drive to it... and the chances of finding a Disk /// lying around
> are practically nil.

I don't think they made such a beast...did they?

> > Doug, if you want I can e-mail NuFX (ShrinkIt) images to you. This would
> > be the quickest way for you to get them. You'd need an Apple // running
> > shrinkit of course. The disk format between the // and /// is identical.
> That would be great, thanks! I've never used ShrinkIt, but I can at least
> get stuff to and from my //e, and I've got two Disk ][s and a 512K RAM
> card in it. I'll get ShrinkIt via FTP.

ShrinkIt is easy to use. You'll do fine. I'll try to e-mail the images
to you in uuencoded format sometime within the next few days (I am busy).

> I don't suppose the /// disks are available at some anonymous FTP site
> already? It'd be especially cool in .dsk format, as that's how I transfer
> all of my ][ software. (I never had a decent terminal program for my
> Micromodem IIe, so I wrote a whole disk transfer program and extract
> individual files when I have to once the disk image is on my Amiga.)

I doubt it. It would be a good thing to do though.

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