1 GB SMD Disk drives

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_wizards.net>
Date: Fri Jun 20 00:13:17 1997

        Those of you who own systems that use SMD drives, take note!

        RE-PC, Seattle, WA, has turned up a quantity (6 or 7) of Seagate 'Elite'
series SMD disk drives. These are small ones (physically speaking), in the
form of 5.25" full-height. They're brand new, still in their original
boxes, and appear to be unused.

        I know these will go cheap, since SMD is useless to the PC world (thank
God!). If these are of interest to you, either drop by RE-PC (if you're in
the Seattle or nearby areas -- 1565 6th Ave. S, near the Kingdome), or give
them a call at (206) 623-9151. Ask for Steve Hess or Mark Dabek, ask
specifically about the Seagate SMD drives, tell them I sent you, and make
them a decent offer.


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