Collecting old microprocessors (as opposed to Computers)

From: Benedict Chong <>
Date: Fri Jun 20 13:44:11 1997

Does any one here collect old microprocessors like 4004, 4040, 8008,
8080 etc?

The oldest CPU type I have is an NEC 8080A. Still trying to figure out
how to make use of it. The legs are pretty corroded (used to live in
humid climates).

I've a Z8001 too, paid more than $100 for it but never used. Maybe
I'll find an Olivetti M20 one of these days...

There's a UK company that used to advertise in the UK version of the
Elektor 4-5 years ago. They advertised the TI9900, NS32032 and other
odd CPUs.

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