Altairs and old stories

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Fri Jun 20 14:20:22 1997

> I know - this will be something I do in Electronics class next year.
> While everyone else makes an oscillator or something stupid, I'll build
> an Imsai!

You laugh, I did something along that line (1971) only it was a solidstate
Oscope of my own design. I wanted the class for acces to the tinshop so I
could fabricate the steel shields(for the crt) and chassis. If it were
three years later it would have been a mark-8!

While off the subject...

I had a Horizon up in '78 and put the NS* version of the pascal P-system.
Since I knew zip about pascal I decided to take a course that used pascal,
so happens it was data structures. Blew the proffessors mind when after
going on about the 1180 the class would use for assignments I asked if I
could use my own system if it conformed to Niklus&wirth. Seems he didn't
believe me until I brough the whole mess (left the printer behind) with me
the next class and set it up! It was the begining of the revolution as
Apples were also just starting to be seen. A year later that declaration of
I happen to have a suitable system was no longer an item of skepticism.

Sorta like the pocket calc in my EE junior year.... ;-)

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