Collecting old microprocessors (as opposed to Computers)

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Fri Jun 20 14:52:07 1997

> The oldest CPU type I have is an NEC 8080A. Still trying to figure out
> how to make use of it. The legs are pretty corroded (used to live in
> humid climates).

I could give you a dozen of them (all pre '80 date code or older!). You
need other parts to build a system using it. Minimally you need 8224 clock
chip and a 8bit latch or 8228 to get the status signals off the buss. The
rest if perpherals and memory.

Others from that (pre 1980) era I have:

IMSAI IMP-48 (works but, I really need a manual or schematic!!!) circa '79
  If you've never seen one it's a small board with relays and opto IO for
  control use, tty interface, cassette IO led display and keyboard for
  programming(in hex!).

National SC/MP 8a500 cpu(late '78)
RCA1802(base cosmac elf 1979, board from the first PE article)
6502(old part)
TI9900 chip on board(technico super starter system)
moto 6800D1 kit('75-76)

LSI-11/03 card that's a tad older them most of those (functional too).

I also have a small system using the National nibbleBASIC (8070) chip in

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