Mark 8

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Fri Jun 20 17:02:47 1997

> Today it would look a LOT different. Let's see, what WOULD it look like?
> Start with a PAL to generate the oddball clocks, and some misc decoding, f
> it, then throw a 32k skinnydip SRAM at it (OK, you can tie one address li
> to ground to limit it to 16K), an 8K EPROM (since that's what I've got in
> stock), say, an 8251 for serial I/O, and you've got a basic machine.

Actually a 8ksram and a 8kprom would do it. Or better yet a 2 or 8k EEprom.
That this is slow enough you could use the EEprom for sram! (the slow parts
was 20us and the real fast one was 10us (single byte instruction).

The real annoying part is capturing all the muxed status and syncing it.

Making the front pannel logic is the real work, it wouldn't be right without
the FP!
> What do ya think?

Tim, your a sick puppy. It's got style!

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