CP/M disk (was Digilog 1500)

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Date: Fri Jun 20 21:54:08 1997

In a message dated 97-06-20 03:16:54 EDT, Tim Shoppa wrote:

> Hmm. One of my friends got a LOT of apple II stuff from a business that
> > went under. One of the things he got was an 8" CP/M disk. I'm gonna go

> > try to get my hands on it. (It said CP/M on it). It may be
> > destroyed/gone by now. This was a year or two ago, before I got
> > interested in old stuff... Any way to tell what system it's for without

> > being able to read it?

The disk could be for an Apple system. 8" drive controllers where offered for
the Apple II line back in 1980 because of the huge (for the time) capacity of
DSDD 8" disks. I had a Lobo controller hooked up to a Franklin 1000 and two 8
inchers and it was pretty impressive. I eventually replaced the drives with a
10 meg Corvus hard drive (cost $5000). I've been trying to locate an 8"
controller for my Franklin 1000 for quite a while but haven't had any luck.

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