From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Sat Jun 21 02:34:46 1997

e.tedeschi wrote:
> What's wrong with this (virtual) "group" ???
> Of all the collecting groups I belong to, this is the only one where my
> (and I suppose other's) public (and private) requests for help have been
> ignored and (worse) I suspect even opposed.
> Is there something I don't know? If this the case I would like to know.
> Thank you.

I have found that generally speaking, this group tends to share its
knowledge. A lack of responses to questions generally means (at least
in my experience here and elsewhere) that nobody has anything useful to
contribute to the answer. Perhaps I have missed something, but where
would you get the idea that requests for help might be opposed? I have
learned a great deal here, and at least so far, feel that I have
received far more help than I have been able to provide.

> Also your caper to insist on having ALL the items in the collection in
> working condition is, in my opinion, unique to this group. I can
> understand (and share) the motivation but surely we (I?) collect for the
> design point of view and for the historical importance. Don't we? Or am
> I in the wrong group anyway?

I only wish that everything I have worked! However a lack of
documentation and schematics in some cases make it very difficult to
check out if something is working, let alone fix a problem. I think
most of what I have works, but again, not everything. Where did the
idea that there is an insistance on having "ALL the items in the
collection in working condition"? I have only been here a few weeks but
have found no indication of such an attitude.

> Sorry for the frankness but I thought I'd get this one out of my chest
> before it gets even worse (I am still owed at least 5 replies to my
> messages) in that I will be banned from this mailing list. Hope not.
> What is your problem?
> Hoping to have a straight answer

In almost all cases, I find it MUCH better to ask about something
perceived as a problem rather than let it simmer and finally boil out of
control. I am rather curious as to where, or perhaps how, your reaction
developed. Banned from a list? I would sure hope not as I haven't even
seen a hint of justification for that action.
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