From: e.tedeschi <e.tedeschi_at_ndirect.co.uk>
Date: Sat Jun 21 17:30:01 1997

Scott Walde wrote:

> Back to the religion thing again... If I was giving something away, and a
> person wanted it to use it for some purpose which I am 'religiously'
> opposed to (I can't think of a good example off hand) I would probably try
> to find someone else to take the item. I think that this should be my
> right. (I do have the right to practice my religion, don't I?) I hope
> you can see how this applies directly to the computer issue.

So now the problem is clear...notwithstanding all the previous
declaration to the contrary THERE IS a problem of someone being opposed
to some other use (and possibly location) of the stuff. I think it is
only fair that it is so.

What is NOT fair is to try to hide it and find other excuses like...too
difficult to pack... to expensive to be worth bothering with it....too
much paperwork etc. Ain't we all in the same passion? If not then I
would rather not be here.

See what I mean? (is this too much cultural for someone?)

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