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Date: Sat Jun 21 18:51:00 1997

Whilst in a self-induced trance, e.tedeschi happened to blather:
>Scott Walde wrote:

While I fully agree with what Scott wrote in his (admittedly longwinded :-)
post, I'm not sure if it was stated simply enough....

>> Back to the religion thing again... If I was giving something away, and a
>> person wanted it to use it for some purpose which I am 'religiously'
>> opposed to (I can't think of a good example off hand) I would probably try
>> to find someone else to take the item. I think that this should be my
>> right. (I do have the right to practice my religion, don't I?) I hope
>> you can see how this applies directly to the computer issue.

To put it in 4 words, I believe Scott is saying: "Live and let live."

>So now the problem is clear...notwithstanding all the previous
>declaration to the contrary THERE IS a problem of someone being opposed
>to some other use (and possibly location) of the stuff. I think it is
>only fair that it is so.

If the problem is clear to you... could you explain it to me? My mind is
still dizzy from all this... :-) (Oh, and BTW, would you mind not yelling?)

>What is NOT fair is to try to hide it and find other excuses like...too
>difficult to pack... to expensive to be worth bothering with it....too
>much paperwork etc. Ain't we all in the same passion? If not then I
>would rather not be here.

Personally, I had no idea that they still "shipped" (pun intended) things
on "the Big Pond." I would not have even thought to look for something
other than airmail, and I can attest (as I live on the Canada-US border)
that Customs can be a right pain in the behind.

>See what I mean? (is this too much cultural for someone?)

Well, no.

Enrico, I do have one question: Are you waiting for someone to say to you:
"You're right?" If so, I don't believe you've presented enough evidence to
us to judge whether or not you are. I can say that several of the "points"
you've tried to make have been very vague and could be interpreted a number
of different ways. I've noticed that several people on this list has tried
to explain what they percieve to be going on, and I readily admit that I
don't know enough about what's going on. However, one thing I do know very
well is communication, and there does seem to be a major miscommunication
problem here.

I for one, would like to see you stay with the list, and yes, there might
be the occasional twit on the list as well, but I'm on 5-6 lists (two of
which I run), and I must say that I've seen fewer twits on this list than
on my others.

I have several friends I've met thru e-mail all over the world (and yes,
including the U.K... ;-) and I will say that I was offended with you're
insistance that this was a "foriegner" issue... This is called the "World
Wide Web" not the "U.S. Web." I can also guarantee that no matter what
country you visit, you *will* find at least one twit living there. Guaranteed.

Enrico, if you can clearly explain your position (with examples, if
necessary) to me in private e-mail, I would be more than glad to help you
out and would even be glad to act as intermediary between you and anyone
else with which there may be a communication problem. Otherwise, I'll go
back lurking and I will have no more to say about this thread. (I
promise!!! ;^> )

Just my tuppence worth,
Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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