Dumpster Diving

From: Frank McConnell <fmc_at_reanimators.org>
Date: Sun Jun 22 00:21:22 1997

"J. Maynard Gelinas" <maynard_at_jmg.com> writes:
> You know, I may have a dissenting view here, but I think some of
> this stuff *ought* to go in the landfill. Sure, it will get destroyed,
> but landfills will be our legacy 500 years from now. It would be
> wonderful for a few high quality specimens of every type of computer made
> to survive in museums, but we also want to give our future archaeologists
> some reasonable sample of system distribution geographically. Oh well,
> disagree if you like.

Y'know, they don't just plonk the stuff down and spread a layer of
dirt on top. They run it over with this nice bulldozer sort of thing
that has steel wheels with cleats. Crunches the stuff up better.

-Frank McConnell
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